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Provider Claims

Claims should be submitted within 90 days of the date of service.

Three options for claims submission:

  1. Electronic – Provider submits electronically – Payer ID #74227 (student does not need to submit claim form with this option)
  2. Email – A scanned copy of the completed form submitted by provider or student to
  3. Hard Copy Submission – Provider or Student may mail to:

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources

PO Box 809025

Dallas, TX  75380-9025

Claim Form only needed if provider does not submit claim

Download Provider Claims Form
Prescription Claims

All Optum Rx participating pharmacies can file “electronically” and be reimbursed at the point of purchase.  The RX Bin #), PCN # and Group #  along with the student’s individual 7-digit ID number will need to be entered.  All of this information is located on the student’s ID card.

  • If the student does not have his/her ID card when filling a prescription, an Optum Rx pharmacy has up to 30 days to electronically file the claim.
  • Or the student can pay for the prescription and file for reimbursement using an Optum Rx Reimbursement Claim Form. Please download, complete, and submit the form with original pharmacy receipt(s).
Download OptumRx Reimbursement Form
Check the Status of a Claim

If you are a student and would like to check on the status of a claim that you or a provider submitted, you will need to set up a My Account if you have not done so already.

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